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Goal: to fully enumerate all the policies we came up with over the last year, and to have them all in one place. We may want to reduce/modify this list through voting.

  • Be excellent to each other.


  • Sign-in. All members and guests must sign-in when they arrive at the Dojo each day. Those that do not sign-in or do not accept our policies may not stay.
  • 100% Communal. You may not store personal belongings. All space is communal space: first-come first-serve. Any equipment left at the Dojo is done at your own risk and may be used by others. Donated or loaned

items may be damaged or removed, and the Dojo is not liable.

  • Sleeping. No sleeping is allowed at Hacker Dojo unless it is done in conjunction with an approved event. Naps are OK.
  • Keep the Place Nice. Please clean up any mess you make. This includes putting away any monitors, keyboards or laptop stands that you may have borrowed while using the space. We have cleaning supplies in the kitchen closet.
  • Animals. Pets are not permitted indoors at Hacker Dojo. Service animals as required by ADA or other applicable laws are the only non-human animals allowed. All other animals must be kept outdoors.
  • Breaking Things. If you break parts of the Dojo, you are financially responsible for replacing them.
  • Donations. Before you bring in a donation, please work with the directors to be sure an item will be useful to the membership.
  • Hold Harmless. Visitors, members, and other participants at Hacker Dojo, Inc. hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the Hacker Dojo, Inc. and its directors, members and volunteers from and against

any liability as a result of any harm, damage, loss suffered to said visitors, their work, equipment used, personal property or personal injury suffered during the participation or attendance at Hacker Dojo.

  • Dangerous and Otherwise Awesome Science. No science which requires a fume hood and no pathogen-related research. Please always be considerate of the safety of other people at the dojo. No science where food is stored for eating.
  • Refrigerator. The fridge is for members use only. Food should not be left inside for more than a day.
  • Parking. With limited parking available, the Dojo is not a campground nor a car storage facility. No vehicle may remain in the Dojo parking lot for more than 48 hours or it is liable to be towed. No sleeping in vehicles is allowed. Vehicles cannot be left overnight in front of Hacker Dojo, and may be cited or towed by the city after one hour of parking between 2AM and 6AM.
  • Lockers. Members may rent lockers for an additional $20 per month. Unauthorized occupancy of lockers will have the locks cut & contents thrown out or donated to charity.
  • Access points / Wifi hotspots. Operating routers, personal access points, or creating wifi hotspots is not allowed without prior approval from staff.


  • Keys. Members get a key to the Dojo immediately after becoming member. You can activate it by logging onto your HD Dashboard and following the instructions.
  • Accounts. Accounts are associated with an individual person. Sharing of login is not allowed.


  • Guests. Guests are welcome at Hacker Dojo, and are encouraged to donate $10/day.
  • Drop in Privileges. Guests do not get accounts, rights to attend events for free, access to the member's wifi, or voting rights.
  • Children. (Under 18) It is okay to bring children to the Dojo, just as you would any other guest, so long as you assume full responsibility for them and ensure they don't detract from members' experience of the Dojo. It is your duty as a member to keep an eye on them at all times.
  • Not a Public Facility. Non-members are only allowed in the Dojo between the hours of 10am - 9pm unless they are the guest of an active member or are attending an event reserving space past those hours. Regardless of these hours, non-members are guests of the Dojo and can be asked to leave any time without a needed reason.

If you are working out of the Dojo for more than 2 days, you should become a member.


  • Guests are not allowed to setup an AP.
  • Members can set up an AP for TESTING PURPOSES ONLY because your work involves an access point.
    • Access points are for testing purposes only
    • Internet access for your devices should use Hacker Dojo wifi
    • Here is how you can setup your own access point:
  1. Please use only 20MHz channels. 40 and 80 MHz channels are too broad and will interfere with Hacker Dojo wifi.
  2. Do not use more than 3db on you AP to avoid having a stronger signal than our access points.
  3. For 2.4Ghz: Use only CHANNEL 11.
  4. For 5Ghz: Use only CHANNELS 52 54 60 64 100 104 108 112 136 140 144

If we notice that you are not following those rules you will be forbidden to use your own Access point at Hacker Dojo and could lose your membership.


  • Sponsorship Rights. Unless given a special exemption by a director, sponsors do not receive special privileges within the Dojo, for example being able to reserve rooms, or being whitelisted for events (sponsors must apply to hold events like everyone else, and must receive the usual member buy-in).


Hacker Dojo is committed to providing a safe and welcoming place for everyone. See our Harassment Policy for more on how we enforce this.



Events may not require an NDA to attend.


  • Events cannot be submitted less than 48 hours of the submission date.
  • Pick the room that fits best the number of attendees.
  • Member events can only be scheduled after 5:30PM during the week due to parking issues.
  • Member run daytime events should be requested to the event committee [email protected]
  • Event organizer must do the orientation quiz every 6 months to be able to submit events.
  • Private events can be requested at the Event Committee.


  • Events should align with Hacker Dojo mission and vision.
  • Member run events will be approved by the event committee not more than 5 weeks in advance.
  • Please do not advertise your event externally until it has been approved.

Event Changes

Rooms may change in case of event conflicts.

We hope event organizers will be flexible. Room assignment may be subject to change by Hacker Dojo staff even after approval with a 2-week notice. Hacker Dojo will do its best to accommodate the attendees and setup of the original event.


If you need to cancel your event for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to do so both in the Hacker Dojo event system, as well as any external event systems.

Member Rights

Members have the rights to attend member run events for free. This does not mean that they are entitled to tangible resources such as food, class supplies, etc. Members are not allowed to attend private events held at Hacker Dojo unless they are on the official attendees list.

Right to Charge

Event hosts may charge for events and materials provided, provided they understand that Dojo members may sit in without paying.

Dojo Branding

Any event with the name “Hacker Dojo” in the title must be approved by the board of directors.